Cals Carbs

Posted on June 12, 2017 by Adrienne Woods

Author: Dan Littman

This is no joke. Are you ready, really ready to lose weight and improve health, fitness physical body and your best?

Are you ready to look over your shoulder in the mirror and look hot in these pants?

Then eat 20 carbs per day.

"What? 20 carbs per day? Are you crazy, Dr. Leslie? Do carbohydrates make you fat? "

Yes and no.

Yes, I am a little (or a lot) crazy.

No, carbs do not cause weight gain. More calories in Apoaequorin and more distinguished grow.

But you're right - carbs receive a slap ass. So it's confusing. Let's get clear carb, shall we?

All carbohydrates are not created equal.

There is the bad-guy carbs - refined foods like white sugar, white flour, white rice, quick oats, cereal boxes, 99% of all breads. A lot of calories. None of the nutrients. They turn into fat in your body.

Ouch! Who wants more fat? Losing these wicked and right along with the books themselves. Out, out, out! Off, off, off!

But come in with good carbohydrates Guy - your newest best friends, fresh fruit and vegetables whole grains (like brown rice, not bread) and beans (like black or kidney beans).

Broccoli has 58% carbohydrates, 54% of romaine lettuce, green beans 76% potatoes 92%, 87% carrots, bean sprouts 64%, spinach 54%, 95% apples, oranges 91%, bananas 92%, 70% beans, brown rice and 85% carbohydrates.

However, 4 cups of lettuce is only 32 CALs, 1 cup of broccoli, 46 CAL. 1 cup brown rice, 173 CAL.

An egg McMuffin is 280 calories. A quarter pound with a large fries - 910 CAL. An enchilada Chicken - 330 CAL. Tuna, no mayo, sandwich - 720 CAL. Ham with mustard on rye - 560 CAL. You get it.

Good-Guy coming carbohydrates in these foods that give you the most for your money nutrition calorie - laden nutrients, low in calories. Once you get carb clear is obvious - the complete carbohydrate cut the fat.

Good-Guy also carbohydrates give you energy. Your brain is fueled almost 100% of the glucose from carbohydrates good guy. No, your zip and thinking power does not come from protein.

Proteins in your body is like the engine of your car. Carbohydrates are the gases that are run. Without gas, you stop. Fairly simple.

Rev. you with at least 20 of those good-Guy energizing carbohydrates per day. It is a piece of cake (little joke - a bad-carb guy) if you follow "10 10 to Life. "

Center the day around the whole fresh fruit for breakfast and snacks, salad vegetables by 10 per lunch and dinner with other vegetables, whole grains like brown rice or barley and beans.

Counting carbohydrates (10 +10 = 20) after reverse the books. Bingo Bango.

Here for you and your 20-carb solution to weight loss and your body best. I solute you work for play hard (and) to create the body you can be proud.

Now is the time to feel good about yourself - do it!

"Additional CALs are not your friends, Gals.

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