Toothpaste Clean

Posted on February 17, 2017 by Adrienne Woods

All that is natural is good. If only people switch to using all natural products, then the world will be less polluted, less messy and less dangerous. The land will be more conducive to live for us and for the next generation to come.

Cleaning products like what we use to the house is one of many products that contribute to pollution. In fact, about 40 pounds of toxic materials are produced from these sources each year. Ingredients of these household cleaners often pollute and contaminate soil, groundwater and even cause irreversible damage to the plant and forms of animal life.

Some chemicals that are present as ingredients in these products are:

Phosphates in agents dishes and detergents cause algae to grow exponentially which kills fish and produces toxins which some are highly toxic to animals and humans who consume the water.

Chlorine bleach is also known as sodium hypochlorite is commonly used as an agent antimicrobial and is incorporated in detergents is very toxic to animals that live on land or in water.

Formaldehyde is one component of furniture polishers and other cleaning products is a potential carcinogen to humans and a known cancer inducing agent in animals.

Triclosan, which is used as an ingredient in hygiene such as toothpaste and antimicrobial products such as disinfectants Hand, were known to be carcinogenic and can cause cancer and cause to humans. In addition, studies have shown that products containing triclosan may cause allergic reactions due to the long-term use.

Alternatively, cleaning products Natural can be used to replace these harmful ingredients. Natural Cleaning can be done easily in your own home with ingredients from of lemon oil to the vinegar for the alcohol.

Here are the common ingredients that can be used to make your own cleaning product natural

Lemon juice is a highly effective deodorant, bleach and disinfectant.

Borax also known as the name of sodium tetraborate can actually be used as a detergent and disinfectant.

Vinegar also deodorizes, removes grease and cleans surfaces. It can also be used to clean and polish metal surfaces.

Baking soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate has an alkaline pH and therefore, it neutralizes acid and buffers, it also deodorizes and clean metal surfaces. It can be used to clean toilet bowls, tiled room comfort, etc.. It is therefore an all-purpose cleaner.

Making use of these natural cleaning products not only reduces the burden of pollution, but it also relieves us of the purchase of such commercial products. Natural cleaning products are not only safe for our environment but they are also safe for our health. Thus, these products pose no risk to the health of consumers and their families.